Nepal Team

Roshan K Bhatt

NCEP Nepal Program Coordinator

Roshan Bhatta, 21, is a youth activist who is specialized in child education, government-school education system in Kathmandu and youth involvement in social change. As the program coordinator of NCEP Nepal since 2011, he leads overall NCEP Nepal operations which includes program planning, volunteer and team member recruitment, training, mobilization and evaluation. He is responsible to coordinate activities of NCEP Operations in Nepal with Canadian Directors. He leads NCEP Nepal’s strategic planning and development of partnerships with other organizations in Nepal. Currently a Biomedical Engineering Student, Roshan completed his high school from Trinity International College. He is involved in various social campaigns like supporting some orphan children in Pachthar and Thaplejung districts of Nepal and the establishment of libraries in rural districts of Nepal. Currently, he focuses in developing new working strategies for NCEP in Nepal through collaboration with other organizations, youth groups and independent social activists.

Roshan has dedicated his talent, time and efforts for the growth of NCEP in Nepal. He is very much hopeful that NCEP’s vision of making education a reality for the children of Nepal will come true through collective efforts of all.